Modern Poetry.

A song about drug addiction

Be careful, don’t fall now, you don’t wanna slip and break your crown,

As soon as I picked it up I put it down, a nasty habit of turning a smile to a frown,

I caught you out like you were in a dressing gown, you were embarrassed enough minus the dressing down,

Ignoramus, a true life cypher can string you along like the pied piper, I’ve got a vivid image of life and it’s brighter, I don’t need help on an all nighter, 

That’s just the thing with sporadic flow, just like life you aren’t sure where it’s gonna go, Oh no, I slipped again, made a mess and I can’t defend…

I’m gonna have to get some help from the serial applauder, running from the boarder, feel pretty free, I’m thinking about things that I shouldn’t be, 

Battle for and against Class A is a way, to go, nobody knows, I’m going to a place where they don’t use ….

My thimble is humble through my pattern I stumble, made no sense just like a mumble, "chin up son!!" I heard somebody grumble, 

Through gritted teeth, if this is the iceberg then what’s underneath?

Superbly executed my dear boy, clean is how I used to be, now I have joy, but no love, a dependency on escaping my own person, outer body is my own submersion.


I produced this with my friends The Last Dinosaur. It’s their album, I remixed it.


If misery was wonderful how happy we would be, living a life of riley probably at sea, a solution to every problem would always be there and we would never worry about the state of our hair.

We would run, we would play, we fill our day in the most enjoyable way.

No war would exist, well, not the kind that we know and we would probably laugh even when we stub our big toe.

We would love every film, love every song, probably not bat an eyelid when we epically get things wrong. 

If misery was me and life was you, you’d probably find me on the bottom of your shoe, and if life was the aim was misery was not, we’d probably be able to take the best things in this life and have the whole lot.